Resources for Online Development

Resources for Online Development


Free Tools

  • Google Accounts
    • Blogger
    • Docs
    • Gmail and Calendar (public calendar allowing appointment requests)
    • Sites (secure wikis and group sites)
    • Groups (discussions / mailing lists)
    • Talk (instant messaging / video chat)
    • Translate (between languages)
    • YouTube (upload and share videos)
  • SourceForge.Net (open source software site)
    • Audacity - audio recording and editing suite
      25 minute Audacity Video
    • VirtualDub - convert video from one format to another
    • 7Zip - compression / archive tool for zipping / unzipping files
    • PortableApps - programs which install to and run from a USB Flash Drive
    • Filezilla - file transfer program (FTP)
    • GIMP - Image Manipulation / Photo Editing software (similar to Photoshop)
    • MediaCoder - very advanced video conversion suite (expert)

Educational Blogs

Creative Commons / Open Source Content / Sharable Content

Multimedia and Web 2.0

Being a responsible course designer means making courses interesting and engaging.  Utilizing multimedia and Web 2.0 tools will help hold the attention of students while serving the different learning styles of students.



List of Assignment Ideas


  • Creating a website
  • Creating a blog
  • Creating a podcast
  • Develop a database to track information from course
  • Develop learning game
  • Create list of puzzles and self-assessment activities
  • Develop a concept map / mind map


  • Case Studies
  • Research Papers
  • Article Reviews
  • Study Notes
  • Learning Journal
  • Article reviews / summaries
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